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Mindfulness Sessions

A monthly series with Han Wee Tan

2pm to 5pm Saturday: March 24th 

It is only in a sustained state of meditation that the benefits are truly experienced but it can take the modern mind quite some time before it even comes close to settling down. This mindfulness session is designed to provide the space to help you drop deeper into meditation.
– Longer sessions can offer more time to cultivate lightness and depth of awareness
– Being in a dedicated space breaks the attraction of day to day distractions
– Practising with other sincere practitioners enhance the energetic atmosphere

The session starts with a short discussion to help establish intention before going into two 75 minute meditations and ends with another short discussion to address any questions or to share experiences. Each meditation will come with minimal instruction.

Cost: Members $25 |  Non-Members $30

Yoga for Teens

with Martina Musso

Next course TBC

  • Week 1 –  Intro to Yoga: Connecting breath to movement.
  • Week 2 – Solid Foundations: Grounding down to build up
  • Week 3 – Core: values and fire in your belly
  • Week 4 – Follow your heart
  • Week 5 – Find and keep your balance
  • Week 6 – Changing perspectives: Exploring inversions
Yoga and Mindfulness for Teenagers is a 6-week course aimed at introducing students to the benefits of Yoga (both physical and philosophical) in a light, age-appropriate and nurturing environment. The research suggests that Teenagers today are living in a more demanding, pressured and stressful time than ever before and that incorporating aspects of Yoga and Mindfulness significantly lowers stress levels, can help reduce anxiety, enhances concentration and improves sleeping patterns. During the course students will learn skills that they can adopt in their everyday lives to better equip them to be confident, grounded, relaxed and most importantly happy!
BONUS! Upon completion of the course, students can purchase a Two-Week Introductory offer for $30 (instead of $55) and can attend any class at Core Life Yoga for a two-week period. Further Memberships at the studio can then be purchased at concession rates.
Cost: $70


Creating Space

Restorative Yoga for Pregnancy 

with Jodi Howe

A Sunday workshop EVERY month – 12pm to 2pm 

DATES: Sunday – 11th March, 8th April, 13th May

No experience is required to enjoy two wonderfully relaxing hours of restorative yoga. Postures are to specifically establish a comfortable resting position that allows you to relax wholly.
Restorative yoga can bring many benefits to healthy pregnant women, one of the most desirable of these benefits is reduction of fatigue. As your pregnancy progresses you notice fatigue increases, as your time spent in the deep restorative stages of sleep decreases. The practice is particularly calming and soothing and you may notice reduced morning sickness, high blood pressure, water retention, insomnia and relief from lower back pain.
Give yourself the space and time to consciously rest and rejuvenate on all levels, physical, emotional and mental and create within yourself the space to breathe and connect more fully to the life growing within you.

Members: $32 per workshop

Non Members: $40 per workshop

Free Community Event

with Han Wee Tan

Date TBC

Philosophy is Yoga for the head. Poses are Yoga for the body. Kirtan is undoubtedly Yoga for the heart.
Join us for this FREE community event led by the extremely talented Han Wee Tan. Most of you might know Mantra as the weird mouth noise that the teacher makes at the end of the class. Some of you might have even joined in as it was chanted without understanding what it meant. Yet many of you who have joined in would have had some experience of vibrational energy and perhaps even a sense of harmony through communal vocalisation from that alone. Now imagine a whole session dedicated to that experience.
Kirtan (Pronounced keer-ton) is a practice of Yoga where the Mantras are put to music and sung in call and response. In the same way we feel the beauty in the song of a nightingale without understanding its speak; through the vibrational energy of mantra and the emotional energy of music, Kirtan creates a potent atmosphere that uplifts and enraptures when we open ourselves to the experience. As one might understand philosophy as Yoga for the head and Asana (postures) as Yoga for the body, Kirtan is undoubtedly Yoga for the heart. Join the Core Life Yoga community as we raise our voices and open our hearts to find the joy waiting within. The joy that was our very own nature all along.
For your comfort, please bring a cushion to sit on.
Children are welcome, but expected to participate in or sit quietly for the full session so as not to disrupt the experience of others.
Free Admission, no booking required


Relax and Recharge

with Jodi Howe

Saturday 17th of March 12pm to 2:30pm

Practice the art of true rest. Enjoy 2 1/2 hours of uninterrupted, pure bliss. Allow space to nurture the whole self, to revive and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.
Restorative yoga initiates a state of conscious relaxation from which you will float away. The practice itself does not require prior experience, nor do you need to “touch your toes or be super bendy” We will enjoy a afternoon of propped and supported positions that will allow you to release into restful ease. You will be fully guided through poses and transitions to ensure you receive the maximum benefits of a restorative practice.
No yoga experience required.
Members $32 
Non Members $40


Workshop Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel more than 2 weeks prior to the workshop/ event:
80% of your fees are refunded.

If you need to cancel between 1 and 2 weeks before the workshop/event:
80% of your fees are refunded providing your place can be filled by someone else.

If you need to cancel between 1 and 7 days before the workshop/ event:
no refund; although the workshop/ event facilitator may, at their discretion, offer you a discount on a similar course or workshop in the future.

In the event where Core Life or the workshop/ event facilitator has to cancel the workshop:
a full refund is given to all workshop/event participants

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