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A fabulous, fun foam roller workshop!

with Drew Corrigan

Saturday June 23rd – 2pm to 4pm

Part self-massage; part deep core; part strengthening; part stretching. This fun workshop explores the many ways a foam roller can enhance your movement practice while also releasing tension and muscle tightness. By learning how to create dynamic core stability you will also see improved mobility and overall flexibility, a valuable aid to your other activities including yoga and sports! By the end of the workshop you will feel longer and leaner, have improved posture, better balance, and cultivated a sense of pleasant opening and relaxation.

Cost: Member $32 | Non Members $40

Free Community Event

with Han Wee Tan

23rd June & 21st July

Philosophy is Yoga for the head. Poses are Yoga for the body. Kirtan is undoubtedly Yoga for the heart.
Join us for this FREE community event led by the extremely talented Han Wee Tan. Most of you might know Mantra as the weird mouth noise that the teacher makes at the end of the class. Some of you might have even joined in as it was chanted without understanding what it meant. Yet many of you who have joined in would have had some experience of vibrational energy and perhaps even a sense of harmony through communal vocalisation from that alone. Now imagine a whole session dedicated to that experience.
Kirtan (Pronounced keer-ton) is a practice of Yoga where the Mantras are put to music and sung in call and response. In the same way we feel the beauty in the song of a nightingale without understanding its speak; through the vibrational energy of mantra and the emotional energy of music, Kirtan creates a potent atmosphere that uplifts and enraptures when we open ourselves to the experience. As one might understand philosophy as Yoga for the head and Asana (postures) as Yoga for the body, Kirtan is undoubtedly Yoga for the heart. Join the Core Life Yoga community as we raise our voices and open our hearts to find the joy waiting within. The joy that was our very own nature all along.
For your comfort, please bring a cushion to sit on.
Children are welcome, but expected to participate in or sit quietly for the full session so as not to disrupt the experience of others.
Free Admission, no booking required


Workshop Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel more than 2 weeks prior to the workshop/ event:
80% of your fees are refunded.

If you need to cancel between 1 and 2 weeks before the workshop/event:
80% of your fees are refunded providing your place can be filled by someone else.

If you need to cancel between 1 and 7 days before the workshop/ event:
no refund; although the workshop/ event facilitator may, at their discretion, offer you a discount on a similar course or workshop in the future.

In the event where Core Life or the workshop/ event facilitator has to cancel the workshop:
a full refund is given to all workshop/event participants

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