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YTT – Common Injuries

Teaching tools and tips to navigate injuries in your yoga class

This training looks at the most frequently injured areas to assess movement patterns that can be problematic.

We then look at how we can help our students establish healthier and helpful movements as well as modifications to support their range of motion and stability.

Training Outcomes

  • Understanding of acute vs chronic injury
  • A basic understanding of key concepts for pain
  • Different ways to view pain to help overcome pain
  • Tips for talking about pain in a yoga context
  • Tangible examples of how to conceptualize pain and sensation through meditation and yoga asana.
  • Understand common injuries encountered around these anatomical regions: spine, sacroiliac joint, hips, shoulders, knees, and wrists
  • Be able to identify contraindications for commonly injured areas so you can provide on the spot modified postures or cueing to build awareness within your group classes
  • Teach and explain safer transitions to your students
  • Common mechanical errors cued in most vinyasa and flow classes that can over time cause injury and pain.
  • Integrating information surrounding common injuries into the design of a safer group class.
  • Plan sequences that support biomechanical balance by strengthening common weak areas and release common tighter regions.

Interactive discussion and workshop

We will end with a interactive discussion about your ‘real time’ personal teaching challenges and address this in a interactive workshop format.


Held at The Beach Shack , Kewarra Beach Resort

COST: $250 pp


Event information
 Kewarra Beach Resort, 80 Kewarra St