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YTT – Movement Intelligence

Balancing the somatic aspects of yoga with the most current exercise science.

Sick of the same old cueing, language and sequencing?  Stuck in a rut with your teaching. This course is for you if you are interested in mastering the craft of teaching movement.

While traditional alignment and cueing can be a good foundation as a yoga teacher, this approach be limiting as aesthetics can override function and decrease effectiveness.

Think outside of traditional alignment and cueing by exploring variability in the yoga postures that builds a wider and stronger range of motion to improve movement intelligence and awareness.

We will discuss how movement is instinctive and how fixed ideas about asana alignment may get in the way of anatomical individuality and the the body’s innate wisdom.

You will learn

  • Learn and apply Movement Principles that will inform and transform your teaching
  • Learn a model for teaching and practice that fosters self-inquiry through the cultivation of each person’s’ inner reference system.
  • Explore moving from different points of initiation that allows for a greater ease in movement and cultivates deeper embodiment.
  • Identify and learn to APPLY skills that promote good quality movement: minimizing parasitic tension, actively controlling a wide range of motion, and withstanding load in a variety of joint positions.
  • Gain an understanding of how flexibility, coordination, and strength are controlled and influenced by the nervous system.
  • How we can harness the nervous system to become skillful movers, improving movement literacy, reducing pain and minimising risk of injury on and off the mat.
  • Teach alignment as a fluid concept, rather than a static “correct vs incorrect” model.

Training Outcomes

  • Understand the role of the nervous system in moving with skill and implement these techniques in their own practice or teaching.
  • Teach in a way that prioritizes function over aesthetics, adopt language that does not rely on cookie-cutter cues that may not work for everyone.
  • Teach movement in a way that is informative and science-based but allows for the students own experience to inform movement.

Held at The Beach Shack , Kewarra Beach Resort

COST: $250 pp


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 Kewarra Beach Resort, 80 Kewarra St