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Jen Hamilton

Teacher Trainings in Cairns, North QLD

with Jen Hamilton

Whether you’re a relatively new Yoga Teacher or more experienced , I offer these trainings to further your technical, personal and professional development to support growth and mastery. While online trainings can be useful there is nothing like an in person, interactive learning environment to share challenges, knowledge and experience.

I believe yoga is a powerful tool for so many issues and can work adjunct to other medical and health providers in our communities. There is no doubt, that yoga provides an essential service to benefit community health. As Teachers, to best serve our students and maintain credibility, we need to continuously deepen our understanding of the body, anatomy and physiology while integrating this with the rich traditional practices.

Drawing from my 30 years of study, education and practice as well as teaching classes and training teachers – these ‘mini’ trainings will be interactive, supportive and give you the knowledge along with practical tools and tips to integrate immediately into your classes to benefit and inspire your students.

The small group sessions will be a mix of theory, practice for integration and workshop style so current challenges can be addressed and overcome with skills, tips and techniques. This could include (voice and language, hands on assists, deconstruction of asana, class structure, deepening anatomical and biomechanical understanding, sample classes and integrating what your learn into your class plans)



Movement Intelligence

Friday 18th June, 2021

Balancing the somatic aspects of yoga with the most current exercise science.

Sick of the same old cueing, language and sequencing?  Stuck in a rut with your teaching. This course is for you if you are interested in mastering the craft of teaching  movement.

While traditional alignment and cueing can be a good foundation as a yoga teacher, this approach can be limiting as aesthetics can override function and decrease effectiveness.

Think outside of traditional alignment and cueing by  exploring variability in the yoga postures that builds a wider and stronger range of motion to improve movement intelligence and awareness. This makes your classes stimulating, interesting AND hugely beneficial for your students.

We will learn developmental movement patterns and see how movement is instinctive, and how fixed ideas about asana alignment may get in the way of anatomical individuality and the the body’s innate wisdom.

While this training is applied to yoga, understanding the underlying principles would benefit anyone teaching movement.

Course Content

  • Understand of how flexibility, coordination, and strength are controlled and influenced by the nervous system. Use this understanding in your class planning, cueing and language.
  • Learn developmental movement principles to help your students harness the nervous system to become skillful movers, improving movement literacy, reducing pain and minimising risk of injury on and off the mat.
  • Teach alignment as a fluid concept, rather than a static “correct vs incorrect” model by introducing variability into alignment to strengthen in a wider range of motion, making for better coordination, increased body awareness, and greater overall functionality.
  • Learn about counteracting parasitic tension, movement reversibility, passive vs. active ROM as techniques to amplify benefits of asana practice.
  • Teach movement in a way that is informative and science-based but allows for personal agency so the student’s own experience can inform choices.

Held at The Beach Shack , Kewarra Beach Resort

Friday 18th June

9.30am to 2.30pm

COST: $250 pp

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 Common Injuries, Preventions and Pain

Teaching tools and tips to navigate injuries in your yoga class

Friday 22nd October, 2021

This training looks at the most frequently injured areas to assess movement patterns that can be problematic.

We then look at how we can help our students establish healthier and helpful movements as well as modifications to support their range of motion and stability.

Training Outcomes

  • Understanding of acute vs chronic injury
  • Understand common injuries encountered around these anatomical regions: spine, sacroiliac joint, hips, shoulders, knees, and wrists
  • Be able to identify contraindications for commonly injured areas so you can provide on the spot modified postures or cueing to build awareness within your group classes
  • Teach and explain safer transitions to your students
  • Common mechanical errors cued in most vinyasa and flow classes that can over time cause injury and pain.
  • Integrating information surrounding common injuries into the design of a safer group class.
  • Plan sequences that support biomechanical balance by strengthening common weak areas and release common tighter regions.

Held at The Beach Shack , Kewarra Beach Resort

Friday 22nd October

9.30am to 3.30pm

COST: $280 pp

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