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Our team of yoga professionals are without a doubt amongst the most experienced and qualified in the world. They boast extremely diverse backgrounds and all share one common passion:  A whole hearted commitment to work with individuals through the process of self-inquiry, self-discovery and transformation. We intend that every experience you have with us is authentic, grounded, insightful, connected and balanced.

Our teachers are hand picked, highly experienced, educated and dedicated to providing you with an enriching experience that  will enhance your life both on and off the mat. For us this is a way of life, not just a job. This combined with a deep and genuine commitment to nurture, connect and value every student, ensures a joyful and meaningful experience every time you step into our studio.

Jen Hamilton

Jen Hamilton is a co-founder of Core Life Yoga and visionary behind the Core Life Teacher Trainings.

Jen’s classes have evolved over the past 20 years of teaching yoga to reflect her ongoing creativity, understanding and curiosity for healing and empowerment through yoga and movement.  Jen believes the body is our vehicle for awareness –  to be able to sense, feel and gain mastery over our tangible form invites deeper embodiment of our true self so we may flourish in our lives.

Jen teaches with warmth and humour, encourages lightness, exploration and self-empowerment. Her intention is always to create an inclusive environment where you can cultivate the self acceptance, awareness and confidence needed to make positive and lasting change in your life.

Jen is 1500Hr Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Australia, and Co Director of Teacher Training.

Nyree Banks

Nyree is co – founder of Core Life Yoga,  a naturopath and yoga teacher who thrives on a living a happy and healthy life. She is the owner of HEALTH NATURALLY.

With over 400 hours teacher training in yoga, Nyree continues to grow, learn and inspire others to share her love of yoga and authentic and healthy living.

Classes with Nyree will challenge and encourage you to further your practice and experience the many benefits of yoga, on and off the mat.

Han Wee Tan

Having always had a keen interest in philosophy and the esoteric, Han found Yoga through a traditional Yoga Ashram where he trained for 2 years, studying Yoga in all its aspects – as a physical, mental and emotional practice. He then continued to live at that ashram for another two and a half years, developing himself both as a teacher and as a person.

​Yoga has since become an important way of life for him, one that is continually leaning towards ease and efficiency, joy and compassion. He believes that true healing and transformation can only happen when we take the self as an integrated whole and appreciate the relationships between its parts. It is this holistic form of Yoga he looks to share through every one of his classes for the nurturing of body, mind and spirit. Han is Co-Director of Teacher Trainings.

Drew Corrigan

Drew is a movement educator, bodyworker and self-described body-nerd and anatomy-geek. Embarking in the mid-1990’s on a journey of self-exploration he left behind a career in computer science to become a Myofascial Bodyworker, Thai Massage therapist, yoga and Pilates instructor. Along the way he fell in love with human anatomy and has had the opportunity to teach it in a variety of settings. Forever a student and deeply curious about the human body and movement, he continues to expand his knowledge through on-going studies and is currently undertaking a Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy. Drew’s passion is helping others find better health through embodied movement and intentional living and his classes are an opportunity to discover how your body works in a fun and playful way while simultaneously cultivating mental clarity and inner peace.

Hollie Swanton

Hollie is an Occupational Therapist and Yoga Teacher, who has devoted her career to understand fully, the sophisticated interplay of the human mind & body, with our environment, to find health and wellness in the everyday. Off the mat, Hollie has extensive experience working with people during life’s difficult physical or psychological transitions, such as traumatic injury, accidents or illness, providing hand’s on rehabilitation treatments and/or case management support. On the mat, Hollie’s yoga classes offer something for all levels, as she combine’s her vast knowledge of injury prevention and rehabilitation by skilfully guiding each student toward their own version of integrated awareness, via playfulness and self exploration.

Jodi Howe

Jodi came to yoga first as a purely physical practice, and over years her relationship with yoga changed, progressed and  blossomed into a way of living and a life of constant discovery and “aha” moments that she knows will never cease.
Jodi believes she is always a student and dedicates herself to continually learning refining and expanding her yoga. To be apart of Jodi’s class is to be invited into the home within yourself, her classes explore the layers of physical sensation, cultivate the capacity stay with sensations and emotions that arise whilst remaining a participatory observer to these feelings rather than a involved participant. Focusing on releasing resistance on all levels, moving deeper, letting go of that which binds you, you will be encouraged toward your innate state of being, to experience the basic meaningfulness of moments and the interconnectedness of all.

Alison Dale

Alison is a biodynamic craniosacral therapist and a yoga teacher, having completed over 600hrs of teacher training. With a strong focus on alignment, her style includes a layer of heartfelt, somatic inquiry. Recently she has completed a 300hr training with Noah Maźe, recognised around the globe as a teacher’s teacher. Adding potency and breadth to her teaching, this training combines detailed alignment and intelligent sequencing with Vinyasa theory. Alison has deeply experienced yoga as a refuge and as the seat of the boundless power and joy within. It is this that she attempts to share with her students, encouraging them to develop their own relationship with their practice

Cara Jeffries

Cara Jeffries has been in the health and well-being industry for over 10 years and has found a true connection with yoga. Cara is a certified Pilates and Yoga teacher. She loves to teach self awareness through movement and self inquiry, leaving you feeling strong, whole and happy.

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