Yoga with Jen Hamilton

Yoga with Jen Hamilton

Teaching Approach

I have been practicing yoga since I was 16 and teaching yoga for over 25 years.  I draw from extensive training both in the Yoga and Fitness Industries where I have had a full time career for 30 years.

My focus is to offer Yoga practices that combine the rich traditions and tools of yoga with the latest science and understanding of the body and brain to support modern challenges of physical, mental and spiritual health within community.

My intention is to bring people together for a meaningful experience and connection. I provide a safe space to show up as you are, to immerse in simple yet powerful practices that allow us to be more at ease with ourselves, more present, and more open-hearted.

My skill lies in being able to translate anatomical knowledge into somatic ‘felt’ experiences providing the necessary self awareness for beneficial change.  Through inner sensing, deep listening and responding we can provide the conditions within the body & mind for releasing tensions, healing and thriving.

You can expect slow, breath centred, anatomically focused Classes that offer an exploration of movement where you can investigate, adapt and evolve your practice to honour your individual needs and anatomy.

MIND-BODY INTEGRATION : The Pillars of my Teaching

Self Compassion and Self Acceptance – the foundation to any inner work and all yoga practice. This is a ‘soft’ process of accepting our actual, present-moment experience and all of the parts of ourselves. The parts make up the whole.

Conscious Movement –  Our nervous systems need and love novel movement that challenges the mind and body. My classes aim to ground and move the body in different planes and patterns with variety in fluidity and form. This variation and freedom in asana extends our movement capacities stimulating the brain and body for better function as well as opens blocked mental, emotional, and physical energetic pathways.
You will increase stability, mobility, strength, self awareness and mental/emotional balance. My approach to movement integrates yoga asana (postures) with my understanding of the latest science in anatomy, biomechanics and therapeutics for greater functionality and healing.

Conscious Breathing – One of the fundamental teachings of yoga is that our breath mirrors our nervous system and emotional state and by changing our breath patterns we can at a deep level change the way we feel. Classes include conscious and deliberate awareness of breathing to soothe (or stimulate) the nervous system, inducing a complete physiological and psychological shift.

Total Awareness –  Becoming present, aware of what you are doing and why. Examining patterns of thoughts, mental narratives and feelings, growing your capacity to understand and be with whatever arises: anger, rage, fear, joy, sadness etc. Positive Neuroplasticity has found that each one of us has the power to use the mind, to change the brain, to change the mind for the better.  With self awareness we can develop this power to build more inner strengths such as grit, confidence, kindness, emotional balance, happiness and patience.

Yoga’s purpose is to unite mind and body and the individual with all of life.
I believe that, right now, Yoga is needed more than ever. Yoga offers everyone an accessible and practical tool to to live in harmony with self, each other and our earth.

I also believe that laughter and connection is the BEST medicine and I look forward to seeing you on the mat.