Jen Hamilton

Teaching Approach

After 25 years of learning, practicing and teaching Yoga, Jen’s focus is to offer Yoga practices that combine the rich traditions and tools of yoga with the latest science and understanding of the body and brain to support modern challenges of physical, mental and spiritual health within community.

Jen’s skill lies in being able to translate anatomical knowledge into somatic ‘felt’ experiences, creating self empowerment through allegiance to an ‘inner reference system’.  Through inner listening, responding and integrating, we provide the conditions for healing, releasing stressful stored energies and memories, allowing us to live from a deeper, integrated ‘whole’ sense of self.

You will experience a breath centred, anatomically focused yoga practice that offers an exploration of movement where you can investigate, adapt and evolve your practice to honour your individual needs and anatomy.

The Pillars of Jen’s teaching:

Self Compassion and Self Acceptance – the foundation to any inner work and all yoga practice. This is a ‘soft’ process of accepting our actual, present-moment experience, embracing all of who we are.

Conscious  Movement –  Our bodies need and love movement.  Through the felt sense of one’s own anatomy, Jen skillfully crafts her classes to optimise the effects of your yoga practice for increased mobility, strength, self awareness and mental/emotional stability.  Jen’s approach integrates traditional yoga practices with the latest research in anatomy, bio-mechanics and therapeutics for greater functionality and healing.

Conscious Breathing –One of the fundamental teachings of yoga is that our breath mirrors our emotional state and by changing our breath we can at a deep level change the way we feel. Jen guides you through conscious and deliberate awareness of breathing to soothe (or stimulate) the nervous system, inducing a complete physiological and psychological shift.

Mental Patterns –  Becoming aware of our patterns of thoughts, mental narratives and feelings to uncover how they can cause stress is the beginning of change. The science of neuroplasticity reveals that we can change mental patterns, change our brains and the way we think, feel and live.

Through the interplay of self awareness, movement, breath and presence, Jen skillfully guides you to a felt sense of Wholeness.