Core Mission

We give you potent tools for a happy and healthy body and mind.

Jen Hamilton and Nyree Banks are co- founders of Core Life Yoga. With a combined 40 years in health and wellness their business mission is a unified commitment to excellence and innovation in all trainings, programs and in-class experiences. The entire team at Core Life Yoga strive to be leaders in the field of body and mind health.


Our Vision

We offer an informed, fresh and modern approaches to yoga and wellness. Our aim is to give you a strong and mobile body, an open heart and a clear mind to show up and thrive in all of your life.

Core Values


We are designed to move. We move mindfully with acceptance of what is, we release tension, heal and feel more at home in our bodies. The practice is an act of self discovery and self love.

Straight Talk

We are practical. We make the teachings easy to understand and applicable to our lives. No unicorns, no rainbows, no fluff.


is a conscious choice of how we want to live. We are not afraid to express ourselves, make mistakes or be wrong. We embrace our strengths and give compassion to our flaws. We know there is no perfect. When we know better we do better.


We engage mindfully, powerfully and compassionately in relationship with ourselves, others and the world.

High Standards

We are commitment to safe, smart and approachable classes and programs. We only teach what we know. The Core Life team are leaders who consciously strive to better themselves and impart their knowledge and experience so you have the tools to do the same.

Self Understanding

We do the inner work to know and understand who we are. This gives us direction, joy and ease. We are not searching, we are living.


We are community of people who come together to lift each other up. We love, care, support and accept each other. Our community gives us a sense of belonging and connection.

There is no one way

Yoga should fit you not the other way around. We encourage a non dogmatic , inquiry driven approach to yoga. Your Yoga becomes your own.


We meet you where you are at. You come as you are. We welcome you with non judgment.

Lighten Up

Yoga is joy. We like to lighten up and tap into our innate state of Joy. We tell bad jokes and smile a lot.

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T +61 457 632 700

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‘The Walk’ Shop 11,  84 Lake Street – Access via Lake Street only

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